Moment of Trust – How to Give Feedback That Builds Trust, Not Destroys It

See on - Assessment of-for-as Learning Giving feedback to someone is a "moment of trust" - an opportunity to either build or erode trust in the relationship. If you deliver the feedback with competence and care, the level of trust in yo...See on


The Myth of the Super Teacher

See on - Zeitmanagement für Lehrer I prepared for my first teaching gig undaunted by my lack of experience.  After all, I had a literature degree from a prestigious liberal arts school, I had been mostly successful at everything I h...See on

end of holidays

 Last days at home - relief, silence and peace of mind. The second term of the school year is starting on Thursday. My plans are challenging: teaching young students a piece of literature from the 19th century, integrating BYOD in my lessons, holding a workshop for new teachers and last but not least looking forward... weiterlesen →

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