Four Easy Tactics to Engage Your Passive Learners

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For anyone who has been in the learning profession for any amount of time, it will come as no shock that only 10% of your organization are active learners—people who learn with the intention of changing and improving their behaviors. The sad truth is that 60% of your organization are passive learners, who will “participate” and say all the right things to make you think they’ve learned what they were supposed to, but actually have no intention of leaving your learning events, activities, etc. and ever changing their behavior as a result. For all the time and money we invest in learning and development efforts, 10% of changed behavior as a result is just not an ROI that I or any other business leader should be comfortable with.

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Last days at home – relief, silence and peace of mind. The second term of the school year is starting on Thursday. My plans are challenging: teaching young students a piece of literature from the 19th century, integrating BYOD in my lessons, holding a workshop for new teachers and last but not least looking forward to my advanced training course in Delaware.

Of course, there will be a lot of work as always – tons of tests to control, creating lesson plans – in heaps. So, the daily routine! But it is good to know that there is inspiration and help everywhere. I have found pretty good ideas how to integrate new technology in my lessons or how to increase learning activity.