10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching

10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching


movement + music = meditation + motivation

„Be the best! Great! Fantastic!“

Are you fed up with such superlatives? It doesn’t matter if they are used to describe a person or an action or an object. Everywhere and every time you can face such hyperbole. But how can we stay motivated when everything in our life should be like this – be the first is not enough, it must be terrific, outstanding, over the top.

Life as a teacher provides such moments of over-the-top-feeling but not too often. We have to work together with our students and colleagues that means cooperation, leadership, struggle, passion, research. So it’s not easy to be friendly and interested every minute, to stay positive and dedicated.

But everyday life, not only as a teacher, is a constant struggle and sometimes it doesn’t deliver the result we wanted to gain. Anyway, it is important to keep at it. And therefore motivation is a crucial fact. To reach our goals we have to focus on our strength. But then we have bad days – sometimes. Other days are normal – not over the top, not outstanding. How can we motivate ourselves? How can we find our strength?

Lots of advertisements promise help to overcome our mental weakness. Attend yoga lessons! Take a spinning course! Spend a lot of money!

Simple advice – keep your money and relax.
All you need is music and perhaps walking shoes. That’s my solution – and guess, it works.

The best way to calm down, to tear through the connection to work for a while, is put music on your ears and go out. For me it’s easy to relieve tension when I run but music is essential.
In my opinion you can manipulate your mood intentionally by the choice of your music.
If I want to motivate myself or find solutions for a problem at school I need to be concentrated on the right questions. I want to push myself. So my first song is „All My Life“ by Foo Fighters. Their „Greatest Hits“ are a wonderful support for get thinking. Choose music with a special beat. Beats are essential. The Frequenzy should be similar to your pulse rate during your run – mostly around 110 -130 bpm (beats per minute).
But for the way of thinking the lyrics are meaningful. Foo Fighters or Pearl jam are great for me to turn my inner focus towards positive thinking. There are lots of other kind of music. Choose what fits best for you.
From time to time I need to calm down, think about sad things – and want to stay in this mood because I feel that it is right to do that in this moment. Then I have a special list of songs. I start with „Black“ by Pearl Jam and go on with some songs of Sivert Hoyem. His voice has such an dark touch which is really relaxing.

So you see I’m a fan of PJ, FF and Hoyem. But you have to find your own list. Go out, walk, run, listen, help yourself to get motivated.

It is easy to find out that our normal working day is a good one. It is not necessary to be the best in a contest. Be the best for yourself.


Teachers as Technology Trailblazers: Personalizing PD: It’s About Empowerment; Not Tools

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„Personalized professional development is driven by teacher empowerment. Teachers choose the topics, the formats, and the outcomes. Learning isn’t metered out or required, it’s grown.

As we select the tools that will help us grow the capacity of educators, personalized learning should be considered. But rather than pick tools that prescribe the type of learning that should take place, perhaps we should use our resources to truly answer the following question for every teacher: What do you want to learn?“

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