Why formative assessment should be an enduring priority for every teacher

Great Article about assessment at all. Assessment, particularly formative assessment is one of the most important key instruments teachers own in the teaching process.


How (and Why) To Use Student Blogs | eSkills

Blogging doesn’t just mean putting diary entries out on the web for the world to see. It can be a way to learn more about yourself and any other subject.





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– https://gustmees.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/practice-using-blogs-for-home-work-to-get-ict-skills-and-creativity/


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A Millennial’s Plea to Hiring Managers

This post was written as part of the #MillennialMe series, which is tied to LinkedIn’s new student editorial calendar. Follow the stories here or write your own.Mary Meeker’s Internet trends report is, as usual, full of rich insights. Internet usage is slowing; mobile advertising is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity; technology is fundamentally transforming not just how efficiently we work, but how we work. In the hours since it was uploaded, there have been countless articles analyzing what these trends mean for consumers and professionals

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6 Hallmarks Of High Performing Teams – TalentCulture

There is nothing quite like the sensation and satisfaction of being on a high performing team. I’ve had this luck and pleasure a number of times in my career, but it’s rarer than I’d like. High performing teams seem to generate their own energy and elevate everyone on the team to their full potential. Despite…

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Ent-Ex agrees partnership with eSkills4jobs | eSkills | Europe

Ent-Ex agrees partnership with eSkills4jobs

Ent-Ex is pleased to have agreed a partnership with eSkills for Jobs 2015. Part of the EU eSkills Strategy, the Project’s aim is to raise awareness of the need for all of us to improve our command of information and communication technology (ICT) skills in the working environment. 


‚The Ent-Ex programme aims to highlight those skills which have been critical to the success of experienced and successful entrepreneurs‘ said Ent-Ex Project Manager Alice Vandekerhove, ‚and so it was easy to agree that one of the four themes of this year’s interviews will be to explore with all five of our speakers which eSkills they’ve developed that have helped them to be successful‘. 


The results of the interviews at all six Ent-Ex venues will form the basis of a special report on the eSkills theme which will be submitted to the eSkills for jobs programme, and the European Commission, at the end of the Ent-Ex Programme.

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– http://www.scoop.it/t/21st-century-learning-and-teaching/?tag=eSkills+For+jobs+2015

– https://gustmees.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/what-are-the-skills-needed-from-students-in-the-future/


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