3 Ways that Minecraft is Changing Students and Classrooms

We’ve all heard of Minecraft and if you’re a teacher or parent, your kids are certainly well aware of it, too. What started as a dynamic video game that offers social interaction on an interesting platform has transformed into a teaching tool that is changing the way students learn and ultimately the way that teachers […

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Colleges Want More Digital Courseware, Fewer MOOCs (EdSurge News)

What you buy doesn’t always reflect what you value.
The latest Campus Computing Survey, taken by senior-level technology officers from 417 two- and four-year US public and private colleges, revealed several gaps between priorities and spending.
Just like results from the 2014 survey, helping fac

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Over 50 Learning Theories Explained for Teachers

Theory informs practice and without a solid theoretical base we risk having an impaired praxis. This is clearly noticeable in the education sector where the teaching pedagogy is directly shaped by the theoretical traditions underpinning one’s teaching philosophy. For instance, inline with the ethos of their constructivist theory,  progressivist educators tend to favour a dialogic, autonomous and student-centerer type of teaching where learners are encouraged to take responsibility of their learning. 

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The Power of Principals: Why They are so Important to Building Great Schools

Everyone remembers a teacher that inspired them. How many of us remember our principals? Principals are responsible for ensuring our schools are open, that the teachers who inspired us are receiving the support he or she needs, and that our classrooms are environments that will help us le

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Snapchat or Instagram? Deciding Which Platform Is Ideal for Your Visual Content

Is visual content part of your social media marketing?

Are you trying to decide whether to use Instagram or Snapchat?

Snapchat and Instagram share the same basic purpose. While many businesses want to know which is better for marketing, the truth is both have value.

In this article you’ll find insights to help you decide whether your visual content campaigns should be on Snapchat or Instagram.

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