E-learning Development: 3 Benefits of Creating Online Curriculum

„For years, companies have been developing „individual“ e-learning courses to meet the training needs of their staff members. But, in recent times, many firms are going in for e-learning curriculums. Why are organizations choosing to develop online curriculums instead of single e-learning courses? How do curriculums improve e-learning development efficiencies and help impart better training? Well, here is an info-graphic that lists 3 major benefits of developing e-learning curriculums.“

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10 Types of Infographics: Which One Works For You?

Creating a really cool, memorable and–above all–shareable infographic comes down to investing the necessary time and attention in all the steps that lead up to an awesome data visualization.

In a previous series of posts, we discussed the steps to creating your own infographic. One of the key elements in this process is understanding that information can be categorized in one of five ways:



The visual format you choose will depend on how you want to organize your information. To help you identify which type of infographic will best serve your purpose and audience, we’ve compiled a list of the most-used types, along with advice on when to use them and examples of each….

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