Where Memories Are Born


In the deep recesses of my mind, tucked in a well-protected crevasse is Heartland. Memories of my boyhood reside there. It is a place where a boy’s picturesque view of his world makes time stand still. I do not often go there, but when I do a warm memory always welcomes me. Let’s go there now. A memory of my boyhood is waiting for us.


After reading the four previous posts , I expect you have questions about where the boyhood memories recounted in the posts take place, and so you should. You have very little information about where I spent my boyhood. You are in the dark, with no context for what you read. My bad, not fair to you.

I spent my boyhood in Corydon, the smack-dab-center of Wayne County, the fifth-least populous of Iowa’s 99 counties. Wayne County is the midpoint of Iowa’s ten southernmost counties that…

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Eight education predictions (and some wishful thinking) for 2016

Here is veteran teacher Larry Ferlazzo’s annual list of education predictions for the coming year. Ferlazzo teaches English and Social Studies at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California.  He has written eight books on education, writes a teacher advice blog for Education Week Teacher and has his own popular resource-sharing blog. Read the 2016 predictions and see what might be wishful thinking.

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Dispelling 9 common myths on how to improve student achievement :: Meris Stansbury

According to Dr. John Hattie, a professor and researcher at Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education, research and detailed statistical examination can determine which teaching methods actually improve student achievement and which are, essentially, a waste of time.

“Visible learning is about understanding the attributes of schooling that truly drive student learning and have a significant impact on student achievement,” explained Hattie. “As the school year comes to a close, summer provides an opportune time for teachers to reflect on their successes and challenges in the classroom. An important aspect of this reflection is figuring out what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to improving student achievement.”

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