Embracing Open Learning

About the importance of sharing your thoughts, reflecting and collaborating as an educator. Am inspiring article!

Katie Martin

Throughout my career, teaching kids and adults in diverse districts and courses, I have lived in between higher ed and K-12.  In higher ed there is a mantra to publish or perish, and throughout grad school, I had adopted this philosophy. I thought I had to publish in traditional journals to accomplish anything. Following in the foot steps of many, I had been planning on writing manuscripts and trying to perfect my ideas so I could share them some day, somewhere. I had one article from my dissertation that was accepted in a journal and was finally published 6 months ago. Aside from the time it took to write, it took 3 years after it was accepted to get it published and when it was finally published, I couldn’t even access it because I was no longer a subscriber to the journal.

This was a less than motivating experience and hadn’t inspired me to want to publish…

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