Wonderful thoughts. I’m able to relate to this attitude. Typical for teachers? 😉

so what is the alternative?

'It takes a great man to admit his mistakes. Fortunately, I've never made any.'

I’ve just realised I’ve had this WordPress account for roughly six months now without posting so much as a semi-ironic inspirational teaching quote, and actually the reason as to why that might be is relevant to a discussion I had on Twitter today.

I think being reluctant to post comes down to the fact that I am generally quite sensitive to what other people think (not a very cool trait, I know), and I can often be overly concerned with not wanting to come across as a total moron. Generally, I will avoid chiming in with an opinion unless I feel 100% secure that I fully understand both sides of the debate. Which is stupid for at least three reasons:

  1. It is impossible to be 100% informed on any debate
  2. If I don’t voice my opinion because I don’t feel informed enough, how will I ever correct flawed ideas? Or  even improve the ones that are

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