Learning & Technology

How technology is changing the way people learn.

Change for the better. It is progress. Comparing to i.e.the invention of railway, there will always be people who are afraid of technology. At that time people were frightened of the speed, feared bodily injuries. Sometimes statements nowadays about digital technology remind me of this attitude from nearly 200 years ago.   Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages in using new technology and devices. To integrate technology and take advantage of it is a process – irresistible, you cannot stop digitilisation in education. You have to make use of the pros. Think about the cons and find solutions – for yourself, as an educator, as a learner. Using technology is an opportunity to enhance educational processes. We have to find out how, what works, where are the benefits – i.e. for Math, like mentioned in the article.  I think the mix of old and new ways, finding your own learning and working path – that is essential. Using technology is not a MUST but you MUST be open-minded, see potential and give it a try.

Today railways are taken for granted. Tomorrow digital technology in education will be taken for granted.

How technology is changing the way people learn




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