What 10 Minutes of Reading Really Is

The magic of reading – inspiring article.

Do not be fooled;a child readingis a powerfullearningexperience happening.

For the past 2 years, my students in 7th grade English have started almost every single class with 10 minutes of independent reading.  With 10 minutes of falling into a book.  With 10 minutes dedicated to the one thing that research says will make the biggest difference to their reading comprehension.  When you teach just 45 minute classes, giving up 10 minutes can be seen as a major sacrifice, and yet, it never is; after all, reading time is one of the biggest gifts I can give all of my students.  And offering them up 10 minutes to read the pages of a book they choose is the biggest investment I can make into their future reading lives.  I give it gladly.

To an outsider it may seem like the 10 minutes is enough, that all you need for a successful reading experience is just to give kids time.  But…

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