A Guide to the Social Age 2016

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Our world has changed: many of the fundamentals that served us so well for so long evolving into new, uncertain and impermanent structures. Technology is one of the most visible manifestations of this change, but the change is much more widespread than that: the underlying sociology and, possibly, psychology has changed too. The notion of ‘a career’ is just a fiction, now owned by individuals rather than the organisations they temporarily work for, social authority subverts formal control and authenticity counts for more than your marketing budget. The ‘Broadcast’ model of communication has been trumped by the co-creation of stories that are themselves co-owned. Brand is controlled by the community. And we see new forms of power evolving, facilitated by technology, founded upon reputation, and effective in socially moderated spaces. Welcome to the Social Age. And this is just the start.

The ecosystem of the Social Age 2016

The point…

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