5 Tips on Making Assessments Useful in Your Classroom

The Principal's Desk

Assessment doesn’t have to be a “four letter word” in education. Assessments can be quite useful, informative, and purposeful when utilized properly. Unfortunately, assessments are often used to put a grade on a report card or as a district compliance measure that once given, the results are never analyzed.

  1. Create smaller, more frequent assessments

Assessments do not have to be summative as they do not allow time for the teacher to go back and reteach what their students missed. Creating smaller, more frequent assessments that serve as “checking for understanding” measures will help a teacher guide their instruction.

  1. Use assessment results to guide instruction

Assessment results should be used to create leveled groups within a classroom for the purpose or targeting student needs. Useful assessments can be broken down by standard / domain, allowing the teacher to design targeted instruction.

  1. Assessments don’t have to be a worksheet

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