A longer piece on the taxonomy of Bloom

Great words about education and didactic hierarchy.

From experience to meaning...

Benjamin Bloomdeveloped a taxonomy for goals in education, and frankly: One of the most asked questions I received is ‚is Bloom correct‘.

For the people who haven’t heard about the taxonomy before, it is often represented like this:

But did you notice, I didn’t write: this is the taxonomy, I wrote it’s often represented. During Spring a lot of edubloggers wrote about this by the likes ofDavid DidauandDoug Lemov and on Twitter Dylan William proposed this correction:

But now it’s getting really interesting asLorin W. Anderson co-autor of the revised Taxonom of Bloom wrote a guest post on the blog of Larry Ferlazzo to put some things straight, and big warning: some people will need to adapt their textbooks:

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